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That's Not How That Works

When the temps are high, it’s easy to want to rush over to the thermostat and crank that temperature down as low as it goes so you can enjoy the cold air faster, but… that’s not how it works.

Your home’s air conditioner doesn’t operate like the gas pedal on your car: putting the temperature lower does not make the system cool down your home any faster than setting it to your regular, comfortable temperature. Because your HVAC system can only cycle so quickly to meet your temperature demands, the lower temperature does not impact the speed at which it performs.

Rather than manipulating your thermostat, we recommend exploiting the built-in programming the device uses to ensure that a comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the day. If you are unsure how to properly use your thermostat, or are looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat, give us call to have one of our comfort experts give you some advice.

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